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Tsipras: Government Announcements of Last-minute Benefits Show Panic

In an interview with Open TV on Monday, the leader of the main opposition party, SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance, Alexis Tsipras, criticized the benefits announced by the Prime Minister, calling them “panicked.”

Tsipras commented on the government’s announcement made ten days after the presentation of their program, which included benefits such as €150 for young people. He stated that “with 50 and 150 euros, no one was saved,” and that the new announcements for last-minute benefits respond “to very well elaborated positions” of SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance.

Tsipras went on to say that the problems facing young people are related to their studies, the housing crisis in Greece, and working conditions, rather than just financial support. He stressed the need for minimum university admission standards, better housing policies, and better wages and working conditions.

Additionally, Tsipras discussed his party’s proposals for addressing Greece’s demographic problem, including support measures for mothers, such as doubling the allowance, and for new couples.

Source: TNH