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Tripoli Hosts International Students from the U.S. Navy War College


SAN DIEGO – Approximately 50 international students from the U.S. Naval War College visited USS Tripoli (LHA 7) for a brief and tour of the ship Jan. 9.

The students, all senior officers from their respective militaries, are attending the U.S. Naval War College to learn from the U.S. military and establish relationships that will continue to strengthen ties between their countries and the U.S. The visit to Tripoli served as a concrete demonstration of some aspects of their curriculum.

“This is an amazing opportunity for these students,” said Cmdr. Don Shrader, Theater Security Cooperation Lead from U.S. Third Fleet. “There is a good possibility that these students will continue in their careers to command their respective navies. This tour plays a large part in strengthening these critical relationships and improving interoperability with our allies and partners.”

The students came aboard Tripoli and were given a brief about Expeditionary Strike Group (ESG) 3, of which Tripoli is a part, before a brief tour of the ship–which included the Pilot House, Vulture’s Row, the Flight Deck, and the Hangar Bay–before departing.

“I can’t thank the crew of Tripoli enough,” said Shrader, “this was outstanding.”

Source: Navy America