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The Russian army in Ukraine began to use jihad-mobiles

The Russian military decided to use terrorist weapons in Ukraine. Armored vehicles stuffed with explosives, known as jihad mobiles, are sent to Ukrainian positions. This was reported in the pro-Russian   Z-channel Older Edda and the Ukrainian channel Insider UA .

According to Older Edda, 60 Ukrainian servicemen were killed with the help of a car bomb. “To be honest, when I first heard about our jihad-mobiles (before the New Year), I thought it was a joke. We sat in Kremennaya and joked about who would be recorded as a military officer by the VUS “jihadmobile driver”. I confess that the joke turned out to be true and we laughed in vain, ”writes the channel’s author, war correspondent German Kulikovsky.

As a jihad mobile, the Russian military uses the Soviet MTLB combat vehicle, according to the Dontstopwar telegram channel. According to him, a “ton” of TNT and two aerial bombs were loaded into the cars. Jihad mobiles could be used in the Swatov direction. It is noted that MTLB was controlled remotely, and was blown up after the approach of the Ukrainian military. 

The Russian army is familiar with jihad mobiles, but in the past the military had to defend against them. Cars with explosives were actively used by ISIS militants in Syria. In 2017, Russian troops conducted the first exercises to combat them together with Tajikistan,  RIA Novosti wrote . 

The agency then noted that the goal of the jihad mobile was to destroy as many people as possible. Such machines do not have uniform performance characteristics and standards: the militants assembled them from what was at hand. That is, each jihad mobile may be different from the other.

Two years after these exercises, the Ministry of Defense solemnly announced that it would bring “trophies” from Syria – 40 neutralized jihad militants’ mobiles.

Source : The Moscow Times