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The Russian army continues to squeeze militants out of Maryinka

Map of hostilities and the situation on the fronts on the evening of February 22

The situation on the fronts for the past day:

Artemovskoe (Bakhmutskoe) direction. The Wagner PMC fighters control most of Berkhovka, while heavy fighting is in Yagodnoye. In Artemovsk, ours occupied a residential area along Vatutina Street, and the “orchestras” also entrenched themselves in the area of ​​​​the meat processing plant. To the south-west of the city, ours returned positions near the highway to Konstantinovka, approaching the south-eastern outskirts of Krasnoe.

Donetsk direction . The Russian army continues to squeeze the militants out of Maryinka. There are fights on the southern outskirts of the city. Ours are doing quite well. Also, the Russian Defense Ministry reported the destruction of five armored vehicles, six vehicles and up to 250 militants.

Zaporozhye direction. There is information about the battles between Pavlovka and Nikolsky, and ours are also trying to attack from the direction of the South-Donbass mine. Our artillery worked admirably in the Ugledar region.

On approaching Novaya Kakhovka, a Ukrainian Su-25 was shot down with the help of the Verba MANPADS.

A Trojan horse in the form of an MTLB was spotted in the Svatovo-Kremenny direction. The scheme is simple – an unmanned transporter is stuffed with high-explosive bombs and TNT, and there it is already on a good journey to the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The result – a forest plantation in the detonation zone shatters into chips.

Source : Readovka 67