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Six more people diagnosed with Monkeypox have died

The viral disease has infected over 27,000 people, according to the CDC. Six individuals across four states have died from Monkeypox over the last week, according to health agencies. 

As the United States continues to battle and provide protection against Monkeypox, more individuals are dying from the viral disease, according to reports from state health departments and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Since last week, two individuals from Chicago died in Illinois, Two in New York state, one in Nevada, and one in Maryland from Monkeypox. The Chicago deaths were reported on Friday, and both individuals had other contributing health conditions, such as a weakened immune system. 

Across the United States, the CDC has recorded more than 27,000 confirmed cases of Monkeypox. Moreover, the patients in New York had prior health conditions that contributed to their deaths. 

Human monkeypox is still circulating and can cause severe illness and death,” said Dr. Jinlene Chan, Maryland deputy secretary for public health services, in a statement to UPI. 

“If you are eligible, such as being immunocompromised or at-risk, the best way to protect yourself against serious illness from MPX is by getting vaccinated,” she added. 

The patient in Nevada is reported to be a man over the age of 50 and also was diagnosed with underlining conditions at the time of his death. 

The first death in the U.S. from Monkeypox occurred in Los Angeles County in September after the individual was hospitalized while also being “severely immunocompromised.”