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Poland to develop 1st nuclear power plant with Westinghouse


WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Poland and the Westinghouse Electric Company signed a deal Wednesday for pre-design cooperation on the central European nation’s first nuclear power plant using the American company’s technology.

Poland’s minister for climate and environment, Anna Moskwa, and U.S. Ambassador to Poland Mark Brzezinski signed the deal in Warsaw during a visit by U.S. President Joe Biden. Brzezinski stressed that energy is crucial for economic development.

Moskwa said construction of the plant is expected to begin in 2026. The facility is expected to start supplying Poland’s power grid in 2032, she said.

Poland is taking strides in embracing renewable energy, but gets almost 70% of its energy from black and brown coal.

The cooperation agreement signed Wednesday involves Poland’s nuclear energy development company, PEJ, Westinghouse Electric Company and Westinghouse Electric Poland.

Additional contracts are expected to be signed later this year, Moskwa said.

Source: Associated Press