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Mitsotakis: ND is with May Day, Tsipras with April Fool’s Day

Speaking to citizens in the area’s shopping center – and accompanied by his wife, Mareva Grabovski – the prime minister criticized SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras, accusing him of making false promises.

“Since today is May Day – workers’ day – it is perhaps also an opportunity to finally think about who is the party, which is the faction, which is the government that fought for the interests of the workers. Who are they, who increased the basic salary by 20% and took it to 780 euros. Who introduced the digital work card so that all overtime can be recorded? Who are the ones who increased maternity and paternity leave, for the first time? For the first time we have paternity leave. Who are they who strengthened controls in the labor market”, Kyriakos Mitsotakis stressed, speaking to citizens who welcomed him in the shopping center of Kifissia.

“Ultimately, ND is with May Day and Alexis Tsipras is with April Fool’s Day . Because nothing but lies has left a month behind,” said the prime minister.

“I saw – maybe you saw them too – the spots of the SYRIZA advertising campaign, gray and black everywhere . And I wonder if this is the Greece that Greek citizens are experiencing today. The answer is no, friends. The Greece of gray and misery was their Greece that we left behind for good in 2019. Our Greece is more optimistic, brighter.Mind you, it is not a problem-free Greece. We were the first to say that we have managed many difficulties and that we must continue to support society. Punctuality is still here and it is gnawing away at the income of citizens. That’s why we rushed and supported the households, with a series of tools to be able to alleviate this great difficulty of imported precision” he still pointed out.

“But there’s no doubt that if you ask any objective citizen today – I’m not necessarily referring to citizens who vote for New Democracy – if the country is better off today than it was in ’19, they will say yes “. Greece today is on the right track. And this path that is recognized, this course that is now recognized by all and sundry, by foreign houses, by foreign analysts, is a course that must be continued,” added Mr. Mitsotakis.

“ND submitted a memorandum to the Supreme Court – SYRIZA was once again absent from democratic duty”

Speaking about the program of the ND he said “I only want to make the counterpoint between a party which has a costed and studied program and an official opposition which promises benefits that exceed 70 billion without saying anything else concrete, again seeking to fool the citizens, as he did in 2015”.

“I answer them here, from the Northern Sector, from Kifissia, that 2023 is not 2015 . Citizens suffered and learned. They don’t want a second chance at disaster. They will give a second command to the advance. And that message, especially here in the Northern Sector, we will send and we will send it in a deafening way. It is a message of democratic vigilance” added the prime minister.

Also referring to the memorandum submitted by the ND on the AXA case, he said: “And since I’m talking about democratic vigilance, I can’t help but comment on an event that is totally unacceptable. Yesterday was the deadline for the submission of memoranda by the parties for the case which is being heard in the First Department of the Supreme Court, if the knife pullers of the Golden Dawn will be able to form combinations and participate in the national elections”.

” New Democracy filed a memorandum arguing on the merits of the case. PASOK submitted a memorandum. SYRIZA was absent. Absent once again from democratic duty. From the democratic duty to keep out of Parliament those who wear the cloak of a party, when in reality they are a criminal gang. I’m sorry that some people still turn a blind eye to the extremes and fish for votes in murky waters, ” he underlined.

In addition, he said that the ND, as we go towards the elections, will always speak composedly, politically, without complacency, without arrogance, without seeking either aggravation or polarization.

“We have things to say about what we did. We have courageously acknowledged our mistakes and are committed to correcting them. But above all we have a plan for the Greece of the next day”, pointed out Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

Earlier, the Prime Minister, with his wife Mareva Grabovski – Mitsotakis, also walked in the flower exhibition of Kifissia, where he had the opportunity to visit the exhibitors’ stands and talk to citizens.

Source: Insider