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Indians Are Highest Creators of ‘unicorn’ Companies in the US, in List of Foreign-born Founders

United States of America boasts itself as the land of the free and the innovative. For many decades, America has been the dream destination of innovators who want to rise up through humble beginnings. The country epitomises itself as a place where one can reach very high level in any sector which includes business.

Companies like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook etc. which are industrial giants today, got founded in the US as unknown entities to begin with. But through the smart work of their founders, quality product, customer satisfaction and marketing, these companies quickly climbed the ladders of success.

The US has a great environment for startup companies. The most prominent one called Unicorn is a private startup company which has reached the valuation of $1 billion. The term was first coined by Aileen Lee, founder of Cowboy ventures.

According to the official Twitter account “World of Statistics”, 56% of the unicorn founders in the US were born in the nation but 44% were born outside the US.

Interestingly, 90 of the unicorn founders in the US, hail from India, which is the highest number. With a contribution of 62, Israel is at the second place among non-US countries which have supplied unicorn founders. 52 founders from Canada, 31 from UK and 27 from China, form the number three, four and five of the list. Germany(18), France(17), Russia(14), Taiwan(12), Ukraine(12) are among the top ten countries to which the unicorn founders belong.

How good is USA for a software engineer?

According to “World of Statistics”, the US is the best country to be a software engineer in terms of average salary. An average software engineer earns $120,000 in America.

The other top countries for average earning by a software engineer are Australia ($100,000), Switzerland($95,000), Israel ($80,000) and Denmark ($75,000).

Source : Hindustan Times