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India-US Ties Aimed at Promoting Global Good, Says Indian Ambassador to US

The Indian Ambassador to the United States, Taranjit Singh Sandhu, recently connected with over 40 states as part of India’s efforts to reach out to the United States, as reported by ANI.

During his address to the New Hampshire state assembly, Indian Ambassador to the United States, Taranjit Singh Sandhu, discussed the collaboration between India and the US in various fields.

“We are guided by the same values and vision, “we, the people”…… I am convinced of the strength of our shared beliefs, and deep-rooted friendship, and partnership,” he said.

“India-US ties, either in the field of defence, renewable energy, education, health, technology, innovation or start-ups, are gathering steam and strength because of the entrepreneurs of the United States,” he added.

“The Indian pharma industry accounts for the supply of 40 per cent of all generic medicines in the US. Solar energy projects, waste-to-wealth innovations, and circular economy models are bringing new actors into the India-New Hampshire space,” Sandhu said while addressing the assembly.

India runs the world’s largest zero-subsidy domestic lighting programme, Affordable LED for All, UJALA. We both believe in bringing light to the world, that too efficiently.

“NASA is collaborating with our Space Research Organization, ISRO on a Syn-thetic Aperture Radar that can help monitor climate change. NASA will soon train our next astronaut,” he added while speaking on ISRO.

“President Biden and Prime Minister Modi characterize India-US ties as ‘Partnership for Global Good’, the most defining relationship of the 21st century,” he added.

Our partnership within the QUAD, IPEF and I2U2 frameworks, is creating progress and prosperity for the world at large. As trusted global partners, we are working to address pressing challenges of our times.

De-risking the global supply chain, navigating the world of critical and emerging technologies, responding to climate change, terrorism and threats from the cyber domain, health security and future pandemics. The solutions to these complex questions would involve combining, American technology and Indian talent he said.

“India and US launched a historic initiative on Critical and Emerging Technologies, semiconductors, Artificial Intelligence, Telecom, and Quantum. We have active vaccine and medicine collaborations such as the Corbevax that are more affordable and accessible,” he added further.

Sandhu said that India-US ties are for the global good.

The Indian diaspora has played a significant role in strengthening the relationship between India and the United States, serving as a bridge between the two nations.

Furthermore, the appointment of an Indian-American as the head of the World Bank is a testament to the contributions and successes of the Indian-American community.

India’s rapid transformation in areas such as politics, society, and the economy has created new opportunities for deeper cooperation and partnership with the United States.

India stands today, as a beacon of stability, amidst geopolitical uncertainties; an usher of global economic growth; a solution provider to some of the complex challenges of our times; and a consensus builder in times of conflict and rising tensions. India remains interesting, important and incredible.

Be it the world’s largest biometric programme, Aadhar or the world’s largest financial inclusion programme, Jan Dhan Yojana, or the world’s largest Health Protection Mission, Ayush-man Bharat, India has actively used technology as a tool for good governance.

Today 40 per cent of the world’s digital payments, come from India. India has more than 80,000 start-ups, out of which 115 are unicorns. Our rural internet users (340 million), outnumber urban users (290 million). IMF has forecast 15 per cent of global growth this year would come from India.

During the pandemic, India supplied vaccines to over 100 countries. When disaster struck Turkiye, India was the first country to send a humanitarian mission.

India’s leadership role in the G-20 this year is a reflection of its growing stature on the world stage. The motto of “One Earth, One Family, One Future” underscores India’s commitment to promoting global goodwill and cooperation.

He ended his speech quoting PM Modi, “Much of India that we dream of lies ahead of us”. It is only a journey we have started, we look towards our friends, like the United S

Source : Mint