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Harold Varner Unleashes on Fellow LIV Golfers: ‘they’re Full of S***’ and Calls PGA Haters Jealous Ahead of Masters

Harold Varner is one of several LIV players in Augusta that will be competing in the Masters this weekend, but just ahead of golf’s premier tournament, the former PGA player called out just about everyone.

He didn’t hold back either, using just about every word imaginable that isn’t suitable for children or sensitive folks.

Oh, the added drama to this year’s Masters is going to make for some solid entertainment.

To start, the former PGA Tour player had some blunt words for his fellow athletes who claimed they joined the controversial Saudi-backed golf league for reasons other than money.

“They’re full of shit; they’re growing their pockets,” Varner said in a recent interview with The Washington Post’s Kent Babb. “I tell them all the time, all of them: You didn’t come here to f—–g grow the f—–g game.”

He added, “The Tour has made it where they say it’s not about the money. I don’t care what anyone says. It’s about the damn money.”

Varner Made Life-Changing Choice And Is Apologetic To No One

Initially — like many — Varner was on the fence about taking a life-changing payday to go to what many PGA Tour players were referring to as the “deal with the devil.”

Last spring, Dustin Johnson signed with LIV for a reported $125 million signing bonus. Phil Mickelson, Patrick Reed and Bryson DeChambeau followed, each for unprecedented sums totaling nearly a half-billion dollars. Varner curated the opinions of business leaders, an executive with RBC, and even NBA legend Michael Jordan, who sponsors the young golfer and has become a close mentor.

He turned down LIV and pledged fealty to the PGA Tour.

But growing up poor in rural North Carolina, Varner began to consider the weight of the offer on the table.

Last summer, LIV’s managing director, Majed al-Sorour, made a new offer. This time Varner said yes, and while the terms of his deal are unclear, he’s likely making significantly more in less than a year than he has during his pro career so far.

This quote from the Post piece puts it into perspective.

“The $15 million signing bonus that has been reported? On a recent afternoon, Varner looks over and smiles.”

“More,” he said.

Varner is making his second consecutive appearance at the Masters beginning April 6. He finished tied for 23rd at the prestigious event last year.

Even this weekend’s tournament isn’t about the tradition or prestige or earning the coveted green jacket.

It’s a shot at a purse worth at least $15 million, according to Varner.

“I play golf so I can change the direction of my family’s life,” says Varner, 32. “And that’s it. No other reason.”

Harold Varner isn’t fazed by ‘jealous’ PGA haters in Augusta

The 32-year-old is one of 18 LIV golfers set to tee off at Augusta National on Thursday. Varner weighed in on any potential awkwardness with players who opted to stick with the PGA TOUR. 

“These f—ers aren’t mad,” he said. “They’re just mad that you’re f—–g with their money. I think some people are jealous, and that’s just the way it is.”

Heading into Augusta, Varner is sitting with the 52nd best odds to win that green jacket he doesn’t care about at +20000 to win the Masters. He’s +3500 to finish top five and +1200 to finish top 10.

He sounds like a man on a mission, so it might not be a bad idea to throw a couple bucks on the golfer who wants the money more than anything and isn’t scared to say it.

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