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Change is Coming: Kohl’s to Revise Its Store Layouts

Stores operated by Kohl’s Corp. will have a new layout as the business works to rebuild its sales, our partners at the Milwaukee Business Journal reports.

First up, Kohl’s will be relocating home décor and “gifts” to the front of the store. The store’s revised merchandising strategy will include a greater focus on home goods after previously emphasizing the active category, BizJournal reports. As Memorial Day and the Fourth of July approach, Kohl’s will be highlighting its Americana merchandise.

For years, when customers entered the store, they saw men’s wear on one side and women’s apparel on the other.

BizJournal says there will be expanded inventory in wall art, seasonal, patio furniture, camping, and outdoor gear. There will also be more space for pet products.

To make way for the merchandise expansion, Kohl’s will condense its checkout lanes to just one area. Included in this area will be a bigger selection of “impulse items.” Plus, 250 stores will now get self-checkout kiosks.

According to BizJournal, Kohl’s will pursue a more modern look with a cleaner and brighter appearance. Older graphics will be removed from its stores.

Kohl’s, BizJournal says, is not eyeing a significant downsizing. A new store is set to open this fall in downtown Milwaukee.

Source: TMJ 4