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At U.N., Biden Calls for Cooperation, Resilience and Peace

Speaking to world leaders, President Biden said the United States will work with any country that shares a vision of a future where children do not go hungry, opportunity is open to everyone and conflicts are resolved peacefully. “The United States seeks a more secure, more prosperous, more equitable world for all people,” Biden said September 19 at the 78th session of the U.N. General Assembly  in New York. “We know our future is bound to yours. And no nation can meet the challenges of today alone.”

The president urged countries to work together to combat the climate crisis, promote development, reduce food insecurity and fight disease. Countries must also protect the core U.N. values of sovereignty, territorial integrity and human rights, he added. In calling for greater cooperation, Biden outlined the United States’ current efforts with international partners to work toward a safer, better world.

Advance international institutions

Biden urged global institutions to be more responsive, effective and inclusive. He commended the Group of 20’s (G20) admission of the African Union as a permanent member of the international economic forum. The president said his administration has asked the U.S. Congress for additional funding to expand the World Bank’s financing by $25 billion.

Promote sustainable infrastructure

The United States and other Group of Seven countries aim to bring more than $600 billion in public and private sector funding  for infrastructure development in low- and middle-income countries by 2027, Biden said. The United States has already worked to bring more than $30 billion.

Address the climate crisis

In calling for greater global investment to combat the climate crisis, Biden cited heat waves in the U.S. and China. He also noted wildfires in North America and southern Europe, and devastating floods in Libya. Last year, the United States enacted the world’s largest investment to combat the climate crisis and advance a global clean energy economy. The U.S. also works with the Pacific Islands Forum to help nations better address climate impacts .

While the world is on track to meet the Paris Agreement’s $100 billion pledge this year to advance climate resilience in developing nations, Biden said more public and private sector investment is needed, especially to assist nations facing the worst effects of climate change.

Improve food security and global health

Biden also called for advancing the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals that seek to end poverty and reduce inequality, while tackling climate change and protecting the environment. Conflict, the climate crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic have stymied development and contributed to a global food crisis , Biden said. Since January 2021, the United States has invested more than $100 billion to drive development, bolster food security and fight disease around the world.

Stand with the people of Ukraine

Countries must continue to stand up to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine to stop the brutal, unjust war and deter future aggression, Biden said. “If we abandon the core principles of [the U.N. Charter] to appease an aggressor, can any member state in this body feel confident that they are protected?” the president asked. “The United States, together with our allies and partners around the world, will continue to stand with the brave people of Ukraine  as they defend their sovereignty and territorial integrity,” Biden said. “And their freedom.”